Keith LewisGreetings!

Welcome to my home page! So what's with "RockerBob"? Who's RockerBob? Well, no one really. It was the label I put on a photo of my son Robert taken when he was just a couple of weeks old. With all the hair sticking up and the guitar in hand it looked like RockerBob to me. He is Bob to his friends, but still Robert with me. My son has his own website these days:

I am no longer as young as I was in this photo, but I like the younger me better so no current pictures (well, maybe there are some hidden somewhere, but I'll deny that it's really me). I still feel like the same guy (except for a few aches and pains), but I sure don't look the same. It's amazing what 40 years and 60 pounds will do. Getting old may not be great but I have only heard of one alternative and it sounds like even less fun

I've lost much of my hearing to Meniere's disease but I play on. I sing a bit more out of tune that before. We gots us some teknobabble machine to help where my real hearing gets bad.

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